Tired of the Double-Digit Rate Increases and Higher Deductibles?


At Elan, We work hard to provide you with the best group health insurance for your dollar.  Looking for a solution that you can keep more than a year? We have the solution with a single-digit increase for the last 3 years! On Average, our rates have increased by only 3-8% yearly.

Great Benefits without Breaking the Bank


  • All Plans have Stateside and Local Access to Medical Care
  • Savings up to 30% or more to comparable plans
  • Unlimited Telemedicine with $0 Copay included
  • Local Dental and Vision included
  • 24/7 Emergency Air Ambulance plus $2M in emergency coverage plus much more

We can improve your coverage options and likely save you money.
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Living in the Islands is different. We know. We live here too. That is why we created multiple plans to fit different situations. We have:

  • A “Stateside” Plan for employees who travel often and go stateside to see doctors
  • Our affordable “Choice Plus” plan is perfect for the employee who wants to receive most of the care locally but still wants access to stateside healthcare.
  • An “evacUSA” Plan to cover life-threatening emergencies for those who are otherwise uninsured

There is a saying that goes: In Business, You Are Only As Good As Your Word. We have been with Elan insurance for almost 2 years. Elan has delivered on their promise to provide group health insurance. Their service and attentiveness to our employee’s questions and needs have been appreciated. We would recommend anyone shopping for group health insurance to contact Elan Insurance, ask questions and see for yourself. We did.

Shawn Hamed, Hamed Management
KAC Plaza West & Plaza Tutu

For Employers, we provide:

  • Options that may lower your overall costs and discounts on employer contributions
  • Potential for increased employee participation for employees opting out of traditional plans or can’t afford standard coverage
  • A happier, healthier, and more loyal workforce

For Employees, we provide:

  • Choices – your employees can choose the plan that is right for them
  • Access to Local & Stateside Care
  • Air ambulance coverage plus $2 million in coverage in case of an emergency.
  • Award-winning local service

Our affordable Choice Plus plan is perfect for the employee who wants to receive most of the care locally but still wants access to stateside healthcare.

I have had several insurance companies in the last 20+ years. We have had good experience with them all, but the level of customer service and overall satisfaction we receive from ELAN is far superior than all others combined When I have questions or concerns they are always answered by a person or a prompt email. I will gladly tell everyone about ELAN and would highly recommend to anyone who considering changing insurance companies that they will be making the right move.

Daniel Yannone
Beep Business Services

We are committed to the Islands and our dedication to service is part of that commitment.
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