HSA Administration

Help Your Employees Save on Health Care!

We have partnered with Health Smart and Avidia Bank to bring employees a best in class solution for Health Savings Accounts.

A Health Savings Account (HSA) helps an employee save, invest, and spend funds for qualified medical expenses on a tax-advantage basis. Unused funds roll over from year to year and continue to grow tax-free. Our HSA can be combined with our Health Plus High Deductible designated plans (HDHP) as a way for you to obtain more affordable health coverage for your group while encouraging your employees to become more involved in their health care.

When these two plans work together they offer significant advantages to employees:

HDHP’s have lower premiums than traditional health plans, which enables more employees to afford health insurance.

HSA’s allow employees to take tax free income and save it for future medical expenses.

HSA's protect employees against unforeseen and costly medical bills.

Employees can use their HSA's to pay for out-of-pocket expenses not covered on their plans.

Our wealthcare portal allows members 24/7 access to:

Account balances and history

Deposit and withdrawal capabilities

Important forms and documents

Up-to-date history

Recent news and benefits updates

Account statements

Investment options Online videos, calculators, and other useful tools

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